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Exploring the Bible- a literary marvel, woven by diverse hands across centuries, preserved over time- presents a formidable challenge. Starting with Genesis, the book of etiology on the origins of the world and its current state, to the prophetic visions of Revelation, the Bible reveals a tapestry of divine revelation woven into human history.
Originally crafted for a vastly different audience, it beckons the need for scholarly insight to illuminate its depths, obscured by time. In this series of online videos, scholars and experts in various disciplines decipher the Bible, unlocking layers of meaning embedded in the language of ancient minds. As we navigate the maze of divine guidance, mercy, judgment, and the transformative power of God, ‘Bible Crossings’ aims to bridge the gap between epochs, and helps the message of the Bible resonate in our contemporary hearts and minds. 
At the heart of this exploration stands Jesus Christ, the central figure in the greatest story ever told. His divine love and sacrifice form the linchpin of the GREATEST RESCUE EVER, offering eternal hope to a broken and fragile world.
Join us on this intellectual and spiritual odyssey, where the insight of experts converges with narrated reflections, unraveling the enigma of a book written not to us, but undeniably preserved for us.