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In the rich tapestry of Christian history, the early church holds a special place as the crucible where Apostolic traditions were forged. These faith traditions were transmitted through various forms:

  • Oral Tradition: Creeds, Hymns and Liturgies served as carriers of theology and Apostolic practices that were transmitted over time as vehicles of faith.
  • Written Word: The Bible is the written repository of Apostolic traditions.
  • Disciples and Early Church Doctors: As students and the inheritors of Apostolic tradition, these individuals shed light on various practices and nuances that originated in the formative years of Christianity

In this section, we will unveil the layers of foundational practices, and decipher the meaning of these faith traditions and the teachings of the early church disciples who can trace their discipleship to Christ’s first disciples who attended the best seminary there ever was.

It is imperative to study Scripture, oral tradition, and the writings and practices of the early church through the lens of Jesus, in whose life and work, each of these strands of Christianity ultimately find their meaning. By interpreting the Bible and tradition through this Christ-centered lens, believers gain a deeper understanding of the full arc of scripture and the heart of the Living Word of God.